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bass music + advanced dubwise electronic music

fischenthal in dub - dubtechnodub by comfortnoise ploy (deeptakt podcast 012)

title: fischenthal in dub

mixed by: comfortnoise ploy
style: dubtechno / dub
length: 1h/57m/39s
label: deeptakt records
catalog#: dtpod012

release: august 17th, 2014
image by: comfortnoise ploy
artwork: deeptakt records
soundcloud link & alternative server download  (→ use right click & "save as....")

comfortnoise ploy is live sonic carpet weaving somewhere between dubtechno & dub at its roots: with two turntables, a microphone, a legendary vintage roland space echo re-201, an elektron octatrak sampling/ sequencing device, a multi-band radio, a dub siren & other useful gear to do the dub. comfortnoise ploy is operated by xeed (dj), new.com (dj), iyah ranx (singer/mc) & rjega (echo master/effect device manager).


01 - 000:00 - ken karter - sequence 3 - kript 432
02 - 002:56 - architectural - wolfs - architectural 06-2
03 - 008:56 - catalyst - angel version (ripperton rmx) - freedom soundz 04
04 - 013:44 - stardub - untitled a2 - stardub 08
05 - 018:58 - sven weisemann - caprice - mojuba 16
06 - 024:50 - ohrwert - rundfunk - art zero 01
07 - 029:51 - nyra - m for mother - freund der familie raw 3
08 - 035:32 - delano smith - contrast - sushitech 30
09 - 039:09 - frank biedermann - warrior wasp (marko fürstenberg rmx) - ornaments 01
10 - 045:34 - sirko müller - submission (extended) - wandering 8th journey
11 - 047:52 - itinerant dub - dub echo - itinerant dubs 04
12 - 050:07 - heights & worship - teach dem dub - zamzam sounds 16
13 - 053:38 - scientist - give a little dub - greensleeves gred 855
14 - 056:58 - gussie p - dub is the force - sip a cup sip7 17
15 - 059:15 - disrupt - selassie i continually - werk discs lp01
16 - 063:42 - wild eyes - wickedness (version) - new name muzik/digikiller 67
17 - 067:22 - blaze dem - roots defender - jahtari 01
18 - 069:28 - john beltran - vienna - styrax 10
19 - 071:12 - freund der familie - pewars - freund der familie 04
20 - 076:23 - echo inspectors - parable - etui ltd 05
21 - 080:18 - hieronymus - sound is coming (version) - statik entertainment 27
22 - 083:51 - jouem - dazzling light - mojuba jouem 3
23 - 088:40 - dean decosta - diminishing returns - mosaic spl03
24 - 093:16 - ozzy - polar pattern - thule 04
25 - 098:91 - d. diggler - control - level non zero 19-6
26 - 103:25 - atheus - inchain fx - millions of moments 11
27 - 107:14 - intrusion - tswana dub (brendon moeller’s beat pharmacy dub) - intrusion 01
28 - 112:14 - stl - thunderstorm - something 01
29 - 116:18 - oscar schubaq - triade - tardis 03

BOLD #04 w/ RON MORELLI, asic (live), guy joshua, new.com, unda & shoudelistix

on saturday august 23rd, 2014 from 12pm @ club zukunft, dienerstr. 33, 8004 zürich

- RON MORELLI (l.i.e.s., hospital productions; usa)
- ASIC live (anorg sound.sys; zh)
- GUY JOSHUA (zweikommasieben; lu)
- NEW.COM (dubexmachina, comfortnoise, bold; zh)

- UNDA (beatfreacks, boyoom connective; sg)

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...BOLD is an up-and-coming series of raves on the seabed in the intersection of techno & bass music. it's resting upon a collaboration of hula honeys, zweikommasieben magazin & dubexmachina:
>>> website
>>> facebook
>>> manifesto


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DUBEXMACHINA w/ taiken, septentrio, guyus & new.com @ klubi, zürich

on friday august 29th, 2014 from 11pm @ klubi, wasserwerkstrasse 89a, zürich

dubexmachina presents:
- TAIKEN (tengu collective; sg)
- SEPTENTRIO (secret owl; fr)
- GUYUS (dubexmachina, bold; zh)
- NEW.COM (dubexmachina, comfortnoise, bold; zh)


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dxm & cmfrtns july-14-charts

presented by 2,7 redaktion (lu), gaspard de la montagne (ne), guyus (zh), ink! (zh), jurkhands (zh/bs), lcp (be), lil'ziska (nürnberg), marc schwegler (bs), new.com (zh), r-kive (nürnberg) & uhuruku (zh)

Dxm cmfrtns charts 14 january

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comfortnoise ploy @ lethargy 2014

on saturday august 2nd, 2014 @ lethargy 2014; rote fabrik, seestr. 395, zürich

the line-up & our playtimes at ziegel:
- COMFORTNOISE PLOY: 22:00-00:15
- NONE OF THEM live (signup & michal ho; zürich)
- DISTANCE (chestplate; london)
- BRAINTHEFT live (berlin - home)
- FOREIGN CONCEPT (samurai, critical, shogun audio; brighton, uk)
- COMFORTNOISE PLOY: 05:30-07:00

>>> check out the full line-up of lethargy 2014
>>> imperatively buy your tickets in advance!


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comfortnoise podcast 052-0714 feat. zweikommasieben w/ simian keiser, marc d'arrigo & guy joshua


- deeper houss music over 2h/49m/03s in a collaboration w/ zweikommasieben magazin (luzern)
- by guy joshua (zweikommasieben; luzern), simian keiser & marc d'arrigo (schall & rauch; berlin/zürich)
- hosted by new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)
- video live streamed on saturday july 12th, 2014 over livebeats
→ full timecoded tracklist (pdf)
soundcloud link

this show is a special event, because we're streaming inside a collaboration with our good friends from the zweikommasieben magazin - live from a cozy living room in the middle zürich! the printed & now bi-lingual (e/ger) swiss zweikommasieben magazin is devoted to the documentation of contemporary club culture since summer 2011. it features artist interviews, essays & columns as well as photography, illustration & graphics. additionally, the collective of friends behind this project organizes infamous concerts, club nights, mantinees and other fun events. the sounds of this show are delivered by the dj-duo simian keiser & marc d'arrigo from schall & rauch (berlin/zürich - soundcloud, tumblr) and guy joshua (zweikommasieben; luzern). these tree artists are closely connected to the zweikommasieben magazin: not only as djs but also as authors, photographers & interviewees.

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à discuter: mark fisher's "ghosts of my life" - writings on depression, hauntology, lost futures, capitalism & the surface noise made by vinyl

fisher, mark (2014). ghosts of my life. writings on depression, hauntology and lost futures. winchester: zero books.

we recommend this book because it makes us reflecting on what we like and what we do: in a clever and at once provoking manner. the term "hauntology" refers to the philosophical thinking of jacques derrida. it has been assigned to a particular realm of current (underground) music culture.

we consider hauntology as a useful, maybe even crucial concept in order to describe a great deal of the music that is featured on comfortnoise and dubexmachina. - subsequently, we present five quotes that we recognise as fisher's core arguments:


quote/assumption 1: the significance of current music culture
imagine any record released in the past couple of years being beamed back in time to, say, 1995 and played on the radio. it's hard to think that it will produce any jolt to the listeners. on the contrary, what would be likely to shock our 1995 audience would be the very recognisability of the sounds: would music really have changed so little in the next 17 years? contrast this with the rapid turnover of styles between the 1960s and the 90s: play a jungle record from 1993 to someone in 1989 and it would have sounded like something so new that it would have challenged them to rethink what music was, or could be. while the 20th-century  experimental culure was seized by a recombinational delirium which made it feel as if newness was infinitely available, the 21st century is oppressed by a crushing sense of finitude and exhaustion. it doesn't feel like the future. or, alternatively, it doesn's feel as if the 21st century has started yet. we remain trapped in the 20th century... (pp. 7f.)

quote/assumption 2: the character of hauntology
...we can provisionally distinguish two directions in hauntology. the first refers to that which is (in actuality) no longer, but which remains effective as a virtuality (the traumatic 'compulsion to repeat', a fatal pattern). the second sense of hauntology refers to that which (in actuality) has not yet happened, but which is already effective in the virtual (an attactor, an anticipation shaping current behaviour"). (p. 19)

quote/assumption 3: melancholy and the role of crackle in hauntological music
the artists [william basinski, the ghost box label, the caretaker, burial, mordant music, philip jeck, amongst others] that came to be labelled hauntological were suffused with an overwhelming melancholy; and they were preoccupied with the way in which technology materialised memory - hence a fascination with television, vinyl records, audiotape, and with the sounds of these technologies breaking down. this fixation on materialised memory led to what is perhaps the principal sonic signature of hauntology: the use of crackle, the surface noise made by vinyl. crackle makes us aware that we are listening to a time that is out of joint; it won't allow us to fall into the illusion of presence. (p. 21)

quote/assumption 4: the lost future
in hauntological music there is an implicit acknowledgement that the hopes created by postwar electronica or by the euphoric dance music of the 1990s have evaporated - not only has the future not arrived, it no longer seems possible. (p. 21)

quote/assumption 5: what just happened to current music culture
it's clear to me that now the period from roughly 2003 to the present will be recognised - not in far distant future, but very soon - as the worst period for (popular) culture since the 1950s. (p. 29)


dxm & cmfrtns june-14-charts

presented by 2,7 redaktion (lu), gaspard de la montagne (ne), jurkhands (zh/bs), lcp (be), lil'ziska (nürnberg), marc schwegler (bs), new.com (zh), r-kive (nürnberg), taiken (sg) & uhuruku (zh)

Dxm cmfrtns charts 14 january

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DXM FLIPSIDES #13 w/ guy joshua & new.com

on friday july 4th, 2014 from 12pm to 04am @ longstreet bar, langstrasse 92, 8004 zürich

- GUY JOSHUA (zweikommasieben; luzern)
- NEW.COM (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)

free entry


bass leaning techno w/ gaspard de la montagne & new.com @ kegelbahn, luzern

on saturday june 28th, 2014 from 11pm @ klub kegelbahn, luzern

we're indeed happy to return to klub kegelbahn after a couple of thrilling dub/roots/digital gigs lately - but pay attention: this time we gonna do it inna di true #BOLD styleee, what means by delivering severely bass heavy techno oriented grooves all night long. it's nothing than brilliant to do this with our good friend gaspard de la montagne from creaked records, coming down from la chaux-de-fonds!

- GASPARD DE LA MONTAGNE (creaked rec.; la chaux-de-fonds)
- NEW.COM (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)

>>> recheck 047-0114 & remember dxm flipsides #09!

free entry >>> subscribe on fb here


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vor der hour IX - chapter 2: zürich

on saturday june 14th, 2014 from 4 to 10pm @ museum bärengasse, bärengasse 22, zürich

"vor der hour" is the release ceremony of the wicked printed, bilingual (ger/e) issue #9 of the zweikommasieben magazine: an unlikely & lucky combination of people, art, food, clubculture, beer, philosophy & music.

- el tigre sound (twoets, zweikommasieben; luzern)
- leisure options (korsett, zweikommasieben; basel)
- marc d'arrigo (schall & rauch, zweikommasieben; zürich)
- new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)

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dxm & cmfrtns may-14-charts

presented by 2,7 redaktion (lu), gaspard de la montagne (ne), guyus (zh), ink! (zh), jurkhands (zh/bs), lil'ziska (nürnberg), marc schwegler (bs), new.com (zh), r-kive (nürnberg), taiken (sg) & uhuruku (zh)

Dxm cmfrtns charts 14 january

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la superette d'été w/ DIGITAL MYSTIKZ & OPTIMO

on wednesday may 28th 2014 @ case à chocs, neuchâtel

la superette d'été presents:

- DIGITAL MYSTIKZ; mala & coki (dmz; london)
- mc sun of selah (london)
- bit-tuner (hula honeys; zürich)
- guyus (dubexmachina; zürich)
- tomorrow is today all stars (tit; neuchâtel/bienne)

queen kong club:
- OPTIMO (rinse fm; london)
- ludovic b (b comme; neuchâtel)


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kornhaus festival w/ guyus, comfortnoise ploy & many more

on sunday may 25th, 2014 @ kornhaus festival, langstrasse 113a, zürich

the kornhaus festival features art, visual & musical performances from friday may 23th to sunday 25th
>>> official website >>> subscribe on fb here >>> get your ticket here

the musical schedule from sunday 25th is hosted by blaublau, hula honeys & dubexmachina:
02.00pm - guyuslcp - uhuruku (djs)
04.45pm - comfortnoise ploy aka djs xeed & new.com, mc iyah ranx & echomaster rjega (live)
06.15pm - paws (live)
06.45pm - dave eleanor (live)
07.15pm - luis sanz (live)
07.45pm - somtek (live)
08.30pm - dave eleanor (live)
09.00pm - fabio papa in dub (live)
09.45pm - soult (live)
10.30pm - la b)))) (live)
11.15pm - asic (live)


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comfortnoise podcast 051-0514 w/ new.com saying goodbye to tree park studio

- advanced dubwise electronic music over 2h/45m/51s
- by new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zürich)
- video live streamed outta tree park studio on friday may 16th, 2014 over livebeats
→ full timecoded tracklist (pdf)
soundcloud link

tree park studio has to be cleared by end of may 2014. as we explained in our threepart interview for zweikommasieben magazine, its adress was from november 2012 a preliminary opportunity to join all kind of artists in a building with - believe it or not - 120 rooms! our beloved studio pretty quickly turned out to be a thrilling radio station, perfect production & mixing space, ideal meeting point, confidential chat room & calm workspace in one. we're especially proud of the eight large illustrations on the walls that have been developed offhand by local streetartists during the two and a half hour productions of our video live streamed podcasts: elf (035-1212), snyr & osrok (036-0113), robi the dog (037-0213), sierpinski stvan triangle (039-0413), oibel1 (040-0513), tofu (042-0713), brainfart (043-0813) & upholsterer greg (041-0613 & 044-0913)! good luck that these happenings are well documented, because the paintings will vanish now... looking back on so many extraordinary exciting collaborations with in-house friends as well as guests - producers, djs, visual- & streetartists - we want to give our thanks to all who joined, including these brilliant guys who made "kirche 248" real: lukas, lorenzo & raffael! - in 051-0514, new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zh) is enjoying tree park studio for the very last time by displaying a large variety of well elaborated basslines in the fields of dub, drone, techno, bass music, foundation dubstep & even drum'n'bass.

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comfortnoise ploy in a 5 hour set @ kiste baden

on friday may 9th, 2014 from 11pm @ kiste club, baden

grundverschieden presents:

- alexander robotnick (hot elephant; florence)
- luki (lovestream; zh)
- babir (punkt; zh)

- comfortnoise ploy aka djs xeed & new.com, mc iyah ranx & echomaster rjega (comfortnoise; zh)

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DXM FLIPSIDES #12 w/ lazy mood & guyus

on friday may 9th, 2014 from 12pm to 04am @ longstreet bar, langstrasse 92, 8004 zürich

- LAZY MOOD (craive; zh)
- GUYUS (dubexmachina, bold; zürich)

free entry


dxm & cmfrtns april-14-charts

presented by 2,7 redaktion (lu), gaspard de la montagne (ne), guyus (zh), ink! (zh), jurkhands (zh/bs), lil'ziska (nürnberg), marc schwegler (bs), new.com (zh), r-kive (nürnberg), taiken (sg) & uhuruku (zh)

Dxm cmfrtns charts 14 january

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random w/ OM UNIT & CALCULON

on saturday april 26th, 2014 from 11pm to 06am @ sommer casino, basel

glasshouse collective presents:
- OM UNIT (civil music, cosmic bridge, exit records; london)
- CALCULON (shoot recordings, rubik records; usa)
- GUYUS (dubexmachina; zürich)
- JURKHANDS (glasshouse collective; zürich)


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comfortnoise podcast 050-0414 feat. various artists!

- eclectic electronic music over 3h/28m/23s

- it's the 50. edition featuring d_u_bious (live), lil'ziska, guyus, crazeebo, dj populist, taiken, xeed, dave eleanor, r-kive, luki, marc d'arrigo, marc schwegler, nik! & uhuruku
- hosted by luki (luki music, lovestream; zh) & new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zh)
- video live streamed outta tree park studio on sunday april 6th, 2014 over livebeats
→ full timecoded tracklist (pdf)
soundcloud link

forty-nine editions of comfortnoise podcast means four and a half years of producing monthly radio shows with altogether 53 amiable guests that are either djs, producers or streetartists. in the fiftieth broadcast, luki (luki music, lovestream; zh) & new.com (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zh) look back and forth by assembling selections of tracks that are all contributed by former guests: d_u_bious live (016-0111, 037-0213), lil'ziska (040-0513), guyus (008-0510, 023-0911, 034-1112), crazeebo (018-0411), dj populist (012-0910, 020-0611), taiken (043-0813), xeed (003-1209, 046-1113), dave eleanor (048-0214), r-kive (040-0513), luki (036-0113), marc d'arrigo (022-0811), marc schwegler (027-0312), nik! (028-0412) & uhuruku (044-0913). each of them arrives in the now fully colored tree park studio with three tracks of his or her choice. no. 50 is simply about good music & friendship, fun & chaos ...well, and a little bit of improvisation!

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