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the essential, annotated DUB LIBRARY (updated!)

'cos a likkle bit of furda education cyaan do no harm, u no?

1. book section:


bradley, lloyd (2001). bass culture. when reggae was king. london: penguin.
- brilliantly written & comprehensive; based on social & political facts as well as critical & theoretical considerations
→ see our column basslines 6: roots, dancehall and karaoke in zweikommasieben magazine #15


collingwood, jeremy (2010). kiss me neck. the scratch story in words, pictures and records. london: cherry red books.
- the thrilling full catalogue of lee 'scratch' perrys discography; with hundreds of pictured stamps and other visuals


gilroy, paul (1993). the black atlantic: modernity and double consciousness. cambridge, massachusetts: harvard university press.
- suitable for all those who like to get a deeper, critical as well as political, even provocing comprehension of what black music means and can/could be
→ see our column basslines 4: roots and routes in zweikommasieben magazine #13


hope, donna p. (ed.; 2015). reggae from yaad. traditional and emerging themes in jamaican popular music. kingston/miami: ian randle publishers.
- a collection of academic papers of variable quality; we recommend helber's "between 'murder music' and 'gay propaganda': policing respectability in the debate on homophobic dancehall"


hope, donna p. (ed.; 2013). international reggae: current and future trends in jamaican popular music. kingston: pelican publishers ltd.
- a collection of academic papers of variable quality; we recommend köhlings & lilly's "from one love to one hate?: europe's perception of jamaican homophobia expressed in song lyrics" as well as kasafi perkins' "love the long ding dong: tanya transgresses christian sensibilities?"


hope, donna p. (2006). inna di dancehall. popular culture and the politics of identity in jamaica. kingston: university of west indies press.
- great participating study about the gender order and violence in modern jamaican dancehall culture
→ see our forthcoming column basslines 8: ding dong vs. pum pum in zweikommasieben magazine #17


katz, david (2012). solid foundation. an oral history of reggae. revised & expanded second edition. london: jawbone press.
- exactly as the title says; from the very beginnings to the present


katz, david (2006). people funny boy. the genius of lee 'scratch' perry. london: omnibus press.
- a meticulous baseline study of lee 'scratch' perrys wicked musical life


lesser, beth (2012). rub-a-dub style. the roots of modern dancehall. toronto: beth kingston. 
- from the early days into contemporary dancehall; dealing with a great variety of topics
→ find this book online here
→ see our column basslines 7: I and I in zweikommasieben magazine #16


lesser, beth (2010). the legend of sugar minott & youth promotion. beth lesser/muzik tree. 
- a richly illustrated biography of sugar minott: the notorious balladeer, lovers rock originator and early dancehall don 
→ find this book online here


lesser, beth (2008). dancehall. the rise of jamaican dancehall culture. london: soul jazz publishing.
- awesome collection of unique pictures and presentations of artists; in a king size format


lesser, beth (2002). king jammy's. toronto: ecw press.
- jammy as the undisputed king of the digital turn in the 80ies; presentation of the corresponding artists & background 


nova, nicolas (2014). 8-bit reggae. collision and creolization. geneva/paris: near future laboratory + éd. volumique.
- a dense & comprehensive outline of the seminal cultural hybrid called "8-bit reggae": chip music, sound systems that use c64 computers and reggae bands that occasionally employ a game boy to generate bass lines instead of proper instruments >>> purchase this one at éd. volumique
→ see our column basslines 4: roots and routes in zweikommasieben magazine #13


sullivan, paul (2014). remixology: tracing the dub diaspora. london: reaktion books.
- following dub's influence on the development of the mc, the birth of sound system culture, the postwar jamaican diaspora; postpunk, dubtechno, jungle & dubstep
→ see our column basslines 4: roots and routes in zweikommasieben magazine #13


veal, michael e. (2007). dub. soundscapes & shattered songs in jamaican reggae. middletown, ct: wesleyan university press.
- concentrating on dub as a technology of recording; well-grounded analyses of single rhythms; ambitiously theory-driven; cultural science at its best
→ see our column basslines 2: everything can be dub has no end? in zweikommasieben magazine #11

2. movie section:


soul jazz records (2002). the studio one story. the original. soul jazz records (SJRCDDVD68).
- the ultimate introcution into sir 'coxsone' dodds totally fascinating legacy; on dvd, with a cd
→ still available!

natal, bruno (2009). dub echoes. videograma/soul jazz records (SJRDVD200).
- an oral history of the formation of dub and its evolutions until today

→ still available!
→ see our column basslines 2: everything can be dub has no end? in zweikommasieben magazine #11

timmermans, ludo (1991). lee scratch perry: the unlimited destruction. jet star phonographics.
- a collection of enigmatic statements & behaviour patterns of one of the most prolific & original dub producers (back in the days), filmed at his actual home near zürich/switzerland

percy irie & guydance (2013). soul rebel. dub, reggae and sound system culture. mighty ital studio
- a documentary on sound system culture in the uk


henzell, perry (1972). the harder they come.
- motion picture w/ jimmy cliff in the leading part
→ watch this movie online here


bafaloukos, ted (1978). rockers.
- reggae influenced motion picture
→ watch this movie online here


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