advanced dubwise electronic music

mighty dubstep on friday november 13th 2009

>>> big up for the great support we received during this wicked long night! thank you chris/timeblind for these awesome and unconventional sounds! particular credits to tillo/7tracks, guy/guyus, pasquale/peak <<<

7tracks & dub_ex_machina presented @ cocuna, langstrasse 93, 8004 zürich:
- timeblind (soot, version; berlin)
- guyus (dub_ex_machina; zh)
- peak (dub_ex_machina; zh)
- (comfortnoise, dub_ex_machina; zh)




time to share the stones, ALL of them...just call :-)

Oops - thought this was the monthly podcast - ignore me :)

Cool photo - looking forward to it.

2 day left! :)

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