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comfortnoise podcast 004-0110 w/ selffish (riga, latvia) & new.com

comfortnoise podcast 004-0110 (→ download with right click & "save as...")

- dubwise electronic music over 3h/07m/15s (mp3/192kbs/260mb)
- by selffish (riga/latvia) & new.com (comfortnoise, dub_ex_machina)
- streamed on january 21st 2010 over audioasyl

→ full timecoded playlist (pdf)


selffish (home - discogs - myspace) is a musician from riga/latvia that has two outstanding passions: the sea and the hearing. he loves to spend his time by the sea - usually with a micro in the hand. that's why his souvenirs are rather sounds than pictures. and at home, his library is filled up with audio tracks instead of photo albums. as a producer of electronic music, he exclusively works with these field recordings: dubbing out his sandy impressions by transforming them into an intriguing flow. calling this "foreground ambient music", he indicates that he is playing on the edge of pure listening and dancfloor oriented music. indeed, it's for the body & the soul! new.com proudly presents a liveact and an interview that was recorded exclusively for "comfortnoise podcast" during selffi's stay in zurich/switzerland around the turn of the year.


new.com is playing...
000:00 - andrea porcu - second wharf - the studio stereo 02
007:06 - zima leto - scwer (p. laoss rmx) - ornithopter 07
011:35 - selande - faust - blipswitch digital 17
016:23 - milton bradley - last flight to cologne - do not resist 01
022:45 - resoe - walking in deep line - echocord 41
025:56 - sven weisemann - xine ii - wandering 1st voyage
028:09 - interlude - in treatment (laura, third week) - cut by new.com
029:17 - ohrwert - insular mountains - silent season 06
038:01 - rod modell - lama temple (tokyo reeq rmx by rod modell) - millions of moments 07
041:52 - sven weisemann - xine iv harbor lights - wandering 1st voyage
046:22 - segue - battersea dub - silent season 02

051:29 - selffish - live! - www.selffish.org


120:49 - selffish in the interview with new.com

new.com is playing...
134:13 - quantec - planet view - pong 03
139:18 - guti - le campeon - desolat 09
143:25 - masomenos & lemos - what the fuck baby what? - welcome to masomenos 16
146:59 - altered natives - rass out - fresh minute 02
150:09 - speech debelle - spinnin’ (dva funkstep rmx) - big dada 152b
154:07 - crystal fighters - i love london (qoso rmx) - cf001b (white)
156:19 - guti - the hustler - desolat 09
160:13 - yaya - you know telespalla? - desolat 10
165:32 - tadow - what is house - invasion 09
168:12 - mymy & emika - price tag (appleblim & komonazmuk rmx) - aus musik 0924
175:03 - martin buttrich - l2 - desolat 10
180:04 - echo tm feat. echo ranks - skylarking (biodub’s poor man version) - kanu kanu 01

© www.comfortnoise.com


all "comfortnoise podcast"-files have been re-uploaded: now with the cover-pictures attached!


a cover would be great for my itunes lib

hi daniel, as selffish played live and did a lot of improvisation, we were not able to provide a proper tracklist. suggest you to contact selffi directly over myspace or his website to get more information about the parts of his set. http://www.myspace.com/selffi / http://www.selffish.org/feedback.html - thank you & best regards, marius

Is there a tracklist available for selffish's set? Specifically I am curious about the track at ~92:10.
thanks for the juicy sonic fruits

January show was very good! Selffish has amazing music, it's great that you had him on the show as a guest.

Enjoying the live show... cool sounds!

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