Dubexmachina + Comfortnoise
bass music + advanced dubwise electronic music

dub_ex_machina w/ GEIOM live & dubexmachina soundsystem (djs guyus & new.com)

on saturday may 7th 2011 @ cabaret (séparée), geroldstrasse 15, 8005 zürich

thank you kamal/geiom, alex dallas and cabaret crew - this was a great gathering and an unforgettable event!


we joined future is now festival w/ africa hitech, dixon, âme, robag wruhme etc.

dubexmachina floor (cabaret séparée):
- GEIOM live (berkane sol; nottingham, uk)
- dubexmachina soundsystem (djs guyus & new.com; zh)

cabaret main floor:
- ÂME live (innervisions, d)
- DIXON (innervisions, d)
- drumpoet soundsystem ft. lexx, ron shiller & alex dallas (zh)

>>> listen to geiom's planet mu mix
>>> facebook event - future is now event (full line up) - future is now fanpage




achtung tippfehler!!!

"on saturday april 7th 2011 @ cabaret (séparée), geroldstrasse 15, 8005 zürich"


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