advanced dubwise electronic music

hula honeys & dubexmachina @ TAKTUNG festival party

on saturday october 13th 2012 from 11pm @ zürich

the taktung festival is a 3-day audiovisual exhibition, featuring swiss video-, music- and installation-artists. there will be performances, workshops, a proper vernissage and a grill.

hula honeys & dubexmachina are teaming up on saturday to bring taktung to another level:

runnning order hall (electronica, bass, house)
- DJ LCP (luana, mism rec.)
- HEPP live
(hula honeys, spezialmaterial)

- BIT TUNER live (hula honeys, trepok)
- GUYUS (dubexmachina)
- NIK! (hula honeys)
- NEW.COM (dubexmachina, comfortnoise)
- ELI VERVEINE (tardis)

running order livingroom (hiphop, abstract, wonky)
(hula honeys, soultmonth)

- DIM BRICKS (life bricks)
- SHOUDELISTIX (life bricks)

- aaawesome colors
- bildstörung vjs
- indefinite vj
- packungsbeilage
- pixelpunx live-video kollektiv
- sad visuals

following a 3-day audiovisual exhibition that focusses on rhythms in sound and images, we'll take you on a nite-long journey through various shades of mind-blowing music. starting off low, playful and meandering, we'll soon take you along to electronica heights, with the official release show of hepp 's [hon08] platterton ep. with the 2nd live set of the night, things can only get heavier - with the first show by bit-tuner after his return from his china tour. it's out of doubt, that he'll be cooking up something hot!

check out the festival website taktung, for the nice design, the full program and line-up.







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