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BASSLINES 3 in zweikommasieben magazin #12: the message of the medium

we're happy to announce the release of the 12th edition of zweikommasieben magazin featuring dale cornish, prosumer, low jack & black zone myth chant, jesse osborne-lanthier, coh & thina frank, public possession, charles cohen & rabih beaini, container, barnt and volte-face.

comfortnoise makes a contribution to zweikommasieben #12 with the column basslines: the message of the medium, presenting dominik bartmanski & ian woodward's vinyl. the analogue record in the digital age (bloomsbury academic, 2015).

the text that can be downloaded in an extended version here:
→ english: Basslines_3_The_Message_of_the_Medium_Footnotes (pdf - download with right click & 'save as')
→ german: Basslinien_3_Die_Botschaft_des_Tonträgers_Fussnoten (pdf - download with right click & 'save as')
→ see as well this collection of crucial quotes from bartmanski & woodward




>>> see all issues of basslines!


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