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BASSLINES 6 in zweikommasieben magazin #15: roots, dancehall, and karaoke

we're happy to announce the release of the 15th edition of zweikommasieben magazin featuring tolouse low trax, sleaford mods, wiener festwochen, dj stingray, jacques gaspard bieberkopf, interstellar funk, grebenstein, brian case, pan daijing and more.

comfortnoise makes a contribution to zweikommasieben #15 with the column basslines: roots, dancehall, and karaoke, presenting lloyd bradley's bass culture: when reggae was king (penguin books, 2000).

the text can be downloaded in an extended version here:
→ english: Basslines_6_Roots_Dancehall_Karaoke_Footnotes (pdf - download with right click & 'save as')
→ german: Basslinien_6_Roots_Dancehall_Karaoke_Fussnoten (pdf - download with right click & 'save as')
→ see also the blog entry "the essential, annotated DUB LIBRARY" for further dub related books & movies




>>> see all issues of basslines!


thanks for representing

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