Dubexmachina + Comfortnoise
bass music + advanced dubwise electronic music


from friday august 3rd to sunday august 5th, 2018 openair @ süssberge, 6467 schattdorf

alongside agora, cepheì, dimette, dj allergy, dj phil, dj spiri, echo 106, el tigre sound (dj), fabo, fannik, fish & fish, fs bart, gonstro, insel, jam djembe, k-werk, ken benovi, kfe3sh, kid baba, kosmosaik, kreuzer&brequenzer, mari,an, maty palc, memo, nico audiowave, rubinsteig, schou, sebastian nogga, seebär, strolch, stante pede, suicide salmon, tschaika, uaneye, uhuruku, violablond, zebra centauri,

...NEW.COM (dubexmachina, comfortnoise; zh) plays on saturday august 4th at this years openair event "sweet mountain festival"

techno - industrial - bass - electro - tech-house - ambient 

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