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is about bass & dub scholarship: dedicated to advanced dubwise electronic music.
influenced by techno, bass music, reggae, digidub, steppers, (foundation) dubstep, (instrumental) grime, (leftfield) dancehall, (ambient) reggaeton.
established in 2003 and operated by producer, dj, promoter, writer, club- & label-operator from zürich/switzerland.

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comfortnoise is a genre overlapping label for vinyl records.
com01, com02 & com03 are released - see why we stick to vinyl.

>>> available on bandcamp & in record stores worldwide - distributed through rewind forward - check discogs 


comfortnoise clubnight is a label for cutting-edge club events featuring advanced dubwise electronic music.

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comfortnoise podcast is a sparsely hosted podcast mixed by & guest djs with sets of 60min on our soundcloud account: each one featuring a tight blend of a particular style/genre. it's a series of combinable 1-hour-tracks in the genuine comfortnoise style.

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comfortnoise ploy plays out what comfortnoise passionately pursues: bass, drum & time. echo, reverb & space. loops, patterns & decoration. 7", 10" & 12". strength, warmth & muddiness. berlin, kingston & the marquesas. prince jammy, king tubby & queen pomaré. ishmael, queequeg & ahab. kea, etua & matahoata.

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basslines is about sound & culture, mind & affecivity by presenting & discussing texts/books that are connected to this blog's direction of impact: advanced dubwise electronic music. it appeared in a regular column in the printed edition of the bilingual (e/ger) zweikommasieben magazin, written by marius 'comfortnoise' neukom (a.k.a. 

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130126_District_new.com_500 (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold) is a swiss dj with international experience. he basically plays vinyl records as a consequence of a well-developped quality consciousness. in his dj sets he features advanced dubwise electronic music such as techno, foundation dubstep, grime, reggae, steppers & dancehall: bass music & dub in an open and wide sense.

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comfort noise is used in telecommunication because listeners prefer a low level noise to dead silence. the sounds that are heard when there are no voices on the line are often overlooked, yet are important contributors to the perceived call quality. dead silence is disconcerting for most people. comfort noise is therefore an artificial background noise used in radio and wireless communications to fill the silent time in a transmission resulting from voice activity detection.

comfort noise in electronic music is used to fill the space between the bass drum beats. it is a background noise that often stays unobserved, although it is indispensable to evoke the characteristic mood inside this sound: comfort noise desings the carpet that holds the listener unfailing on the ground of a fuzzy, warm, cosy and relaxed feeling. prototypical use of this effect occurs in the m-series, from four to seven.