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guyus & are busy djs, promoters, radio hosts and vinyl freaks from zürich, both dedicated to underground bass music. together they run the night dubexmachina, which in automn 2012 celebrated its 5th birthday.

as dxm soundsystem they often play back to back sets, selecting the gems of their record collections, stretching from early dubstep to today’s bass music, including grime, garage, uk funky, jungle, house, techno and reggae/dub: vinyl pressure!

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we've been working together with international djs like kode9, mala, ramadanman/pearson sound, pinch, 2562, distance, addison groove/headhunter, scuba, martyn, shackleton, peverelist, kryptic minds, ben ufo, pangaea, untold, cyrus, orson, roska, tes la rok, dj chef, caspa, vivek, timeblind, hyetal & geiom.
dubexmachina/dxm soundsystem so far was at cabaret/zh, umbo/zh, zukunft/zh, longstreet/zh, komplex klub/zh, rote fabrik/zh, district4/zh, spunk/zh, klubi/zh, abs/zh, cocuna/zh, x-tra/zh, nordstern/basel, lokal/basel, hinterhof/basel, messehalle/basel, bonsoir/bern, reitschule/bern, denki/bern, palace/st. gallen, grabenhalle/st. gallen, südpol/luzern, kapan an/skopje (macedonia), k4/nürnberg & molodoi/strasbourg.

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bold is an up-and-coming series of raves on the seabed in the intersection of techno & bass music. it's resting upon a collaboration of hula honeys, zweikommasieben magazin & dubexmachina.
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#08 was on on saturday december 9th, 2017 @ rdlr, zürich w/ OSSIA, guyus,, dj 1901 + s s s s
       @ rdlr, zürich >>> more info
#07 was on friday may 1st, 2017 @ hive, zürich w/ TRUSS & TESSELA a.k.a. OVERMONO, ink!, guyus &
       @ hive, zürich >>> more info
BOLDini 02 on september 9th, 2015 @ klubi & plakatschau
       @ down garage, grubenstrasse 18 >>> more info

#06 was on may 1st, 2015 w/ w/ A MADE UP SOUND, pasquale c. peak, ink!, dsb & el tigre sound
       @ club zukunft, zürich >>> more info
#05 was on january 9th, 2015 w/ w/ HODGE, ISOLATED LINES (live), till/tape, guyus & jazz.ballads.cocktails crew
       @ club zukunft, zürich >>> more info
BOLDini 01 was on sat november 15th, 2014 w/ leisure options, ruftec, ink!, guyus &
       @ rdlr, zürich >>> more info

#04 was on sat august 23rd, 2014 w/ RON MORELLI, ASIC (live), guy joshua,, shoudelistix & unda
       @ club zukunft, zürich >>> more info
#03 was on sat january 11th, 2014 w/ DEETRON, ECHO 106 (live), cio & ink!
       @ komplex klub, zürich >>> more info
#02 was on sat november 16th, 2013 w/ MARTYN (live), KOWTON, marc d'arrigo & guyus 
       @ komplex klub, zürich >>> more info
#01 was on sat september 21st, 2013 w/ SHED (live), BENJAMIN DAMAGE, ink!, guyus & 
       @ komplex klub, zürich >>> more info


the latin phrase deus ex machina has its origins in the conventions of greek tragedy. it refers to situations in which a mechane (crane) was used to lower actors playing a god or gods onto the stage. though the phrase is accurately translated as "god from a machine", in literary criticism, it is often translated to "god on a machine".

in modern terms, the deus ex machina has also come to describe a being, object or event that suddenly appears and solves a seemingly insoluble difficulty, where the author has "painted the characters into a corner" that they can't easily be extricated from; e.g. james bond using a gadget that just so happens to be perfectly suited to the needs of the situation.