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“advanced dubwise electronic music” is what new.com (comfortnoisedubexmachina, bold) valuates above all things - be it in techno, dubstep, bass music, reggae or house.

as dj, producer, promoter, radio host, writer, club- & label operator (as well as owner of the former vinyl store "p45 records)", he’s been dealing with bass’n’dub-heavy sounds since two decades, playing all over europe and a few times overseas. as dj, he is basically playing vinyl records as a consequence of a well-developped quality consciousness (see basslines column #3).

his homes are comfortnoise and dubexmachina, both built to present national and international artists either at clubnights or in podcasts. both are filled up with countless dj mixes, podcasts, charts and indispensable information about electronic music.

new.com contributes to various projects such as dxm soundsystem (djs guyus & new.com playing foundation dubstep, grime and bass music), comfortnoise ploy (djs xeed & new.com alongside singer/mc iyah ranx and echomaster rjega playing dubtechno and dub) or bold (a clubnight in collaboration with ~ous and zweikommasieben magazin promoting bass music influenced techno).

new.com is author of the regular column "basslines" in the music journal zweikommasieben magazin, involved in an association that is running a club and art space (www.umbo.wtf) and also running a record label inside an us-swiss-collaboration: www.zerogsounds.com

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here's an overview to new.com's currently available mixes/tracklists/recent podcasts:

08/2019 - comfortnoise podcast 090 by new.com (100bpm dancehall disassembly)
05/2019 - comfortnoise podcast 088 by new.com (percussive bass music)
02/2019 - elysia podcast 026 by new.com (ambient folk dub poetry)

01/2019 - comfortnoise podcast 087 by new.com (bass-driven electro)

10/2018 - terrain w/ new.com (dubby tech-ambient-grime)
10/2018 - comfortnoise podcast 084 by nokloo & new.com (wave/hiphouse)
07/2018 - comfortnoise podcast 082 by new.com (tribal bass science)
05/2018 - comfortnoise podcast 081 by new.com (reggae-dub)
01/2018 - comfortnoise podcast 078 by new.com (ill-lighted techno)

10/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 076 by new.com (dub/steppers)
09/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 075 by new.com (raveform transmissions)

07/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 074 by new.com (novel dancehall)
05/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 071 by new.com (bass.techno) 
04/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 070 by new.com (dub echoes)
02/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 068 by new.com (steppers dub)
01/2017 - comfortnoise podcast 066 by new.com (technobass)

12/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 063 by new.com (BASSx140/2)
10/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 061 by new.com (techno/breaks)
10/2016 - home podcast 52 (techno with a twist)
09/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 060 by new.com (8-bit reggae)
08/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 059 by new.com (instragrime)
07/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 058 by new.com (uneven dubtechno)
07/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 057 by new.com (dub, roots, rub-a-dub)
06/2016 - comfortnoise podcast 056 by new.com (techno w/ basslines)

05/2016 - offset (dubtechno, reggae, steppers) by comfortnoise ploy

10/2015 - saint-loop (breakstep)
07/2015 - warm-up to lee 'scratch' perry @ exil zürich on july 17th, 2015 (reggae-dub)
07/2015 - dubysinovation (bass heavy dub)

09/2014 - r u a robot? (techno/acid)
08/2014 - fischenthal in dub (dubtechnodub) by comfortnoise ploy
03/2014 - dis ya wot digiversion (digital roots, ragga & early dancehall)

12/2013 - doctor long ghost (bass(techno|dub)music)
05/2013 - dis ya wot mi gon' likk now (dub/roots/rub-a-dub)
02/2013 - mellors (soulhouse)

10/2012 - wealth of bass (dubtechno/bass music)
04/2012 - inside lane (deephouse)

12/2011 - skimpole (bass music)
09/2011 - wasserstein (techno)
07/2011 - radio times (dubtechno)
06/2011 - megabuzz (dubstep)
01/2011 - over (postwhatever)

06/2010 - unblind (dubtechnohousedub)
01/2010 - la seducción de mimi (decent smart funky)

12/2009 - ilé orin (uk funky)

11/2008 - dubdillon (dulcet dubstep)
06/2008 - anemone (deephouse)
03/2008 - basso profundo (minimalistic dubstep)

12/2007 - basso continuo (dubtechno)
11/2007 - R 3 5 P 3 C 7 (dubstep)
07/2007 - kingston? brixton! (dubstep)
04/2007 - sub steps (yawning basses, dubstep)

12/2006 - patience (southlondon dumplings, dubstep)
08/2006 - monolayer (dubtechno)
02/2006 - le phonographe (minimal)

09/2005 - comfort noise algorithms (dubtechno)
06/2005 - minimalism now directors cut (clickminimal)
03/2005 - vazerol (technominimalhouse)
01/2005 - dub down inside (dub/minimal)

09/2004 - dub is in the air (minimal dubtechno)
04/2004 - strictly for connaisseurs (minimal dubtechno)
02/2004 - the meaning of values in a world of facts (hauss miusic)

12/2003 - serious fun (techhouse, cautiously vocalized)
11/2003 - you dub me free (pure dub)
10/2003 - klicktrex (clicky techno)
07/2003 - can we get connected? (minimalistic deep house)
06/2003 - i generally believe... (techno)
01/2003 - the way of the samurai (dark techno)


 est un adepte de musique électronique à inspiration dub, allant de la Techno, au Dubstep, en passant par le Reggae-dub, la House ou encore à la Bass music. Depuis une vingtaine d'années, il opère dans le milieu "bass’n’dub-heavy sounds" en tant que dj, promoter, animateur radio et même disquaire. Il a eu l'occasion de se produire à maintes reprises à travers l'Europe ainsi qu'outre mer.
Avec www.comfortnoise.com, il offre un terrain de jeux à bon nombre d'artistes internationaux qui peuvent se produire lors de soirées ou dans des podcasts. C'est aussi une plate-forme de diffusion d'une web radio, d'articles concernant la musique électronique, de charts, et de mixes.
new.com contribue aussi à divers projets comme DXM Soundsystem (un projet axé Dubstep et Bass music avec son acolyte Guyus), Comfortnoise Ploy (au côtés de Xeed, le chanteur/mc Lyah Ranx et Echomaster Rjega) ou encore Bold (des soirées en collaboration avec le Label Hula Honeys et Zweikommasieben Magazin).